The Magnesium Life Story

Magnesium Life is a family run business with two main offices in Palm Beach Queensland Australia and Nelson, New Zealand dedicated to bringing you the finest quality undiluted magnesium chloride oil and therapeutic grade essential oils products sourced on our planet today.

Our journey …

In 1998 founder Sara Nadin, in her mid 20’s had a near brush with death when she contracted Cerebral Malaria whilst backpacking through Asia. Sara almost died with her hemoglobin levels at extremely low levels, and it was by share luck that she had flown to Japan to be hospitalised where a Malaria specialist was to treat her. Been given a second chance at life from this ordeal Sara had a deep awareness of the division between the Body, Mind and Soul and a determination to live life well with gratitude. She knew she would have to work hard on building up her immune system and regaining her health and practiced daily meditation to build up her red blood cells.

“One of the most amazing experiences anyone can ever go through is a near death experience where it makes you touch the core of who you are” – Sara Nadin

Her health had returned but in 2003 Sara became pregnant with her first child, with severe morning sickness all day during the first trimester which linked back to scarring on the liver caused from the Malaria. Sara was hospitalized twice on a drip as a result of been totally malnourished. unfortunately pregnancy was not such smooth sailing but in June she was blessed with a beautiful baby girl named Coral.

When Coral’s first teeth started showing signs of tooth decay early Sara related it back to her pregnancy and a lack of vital minerals. Usually when teeth aren’t strong we think it’s a calcium deficiency straight away. Sara diligently researched and discovered the connection to strong bones and teeth was relevant to the mineral magnesium. Straight away she knew it would be almost impossible to give a toddler magnesium pills or a drink and also found that even organic food was lacking in Magnesium. So how could she give her child more magnesium in a simple easy way, at this point someone mentioned to her an article about Magnesium Chloride oil which was not widely heard of in Australia. She ordered her first bottle of Ancient Minerals a USA brand along with a book written by Dr Mark Sircus called “Transdermal Magnesium Therapies”. Following the guidelines from Dr Mark Sirius’s Book Sara remarks on the first time she used Magnesium Chloride Oil and the results were amazing.

“It was early evening when I had first tried Magnesium Chloride, I had no idea the results would be so rapid. I must have been so low in this crucial mineral. After 30 minutes of using the oil liberally over my body, I literally had to drag myself off to bed as a wave of relaxation swept my body. I went out like a light and had one of the deepest restful nights sleep. My body felt lighter and I woke up feeling refreshed and energised I felt calm and relaxed without a care in the world. My body felt flexible and my dead skin cell came of easily with a body bush. I had a life changing moment and I knew from that moment forward I had discovered something amazing”.

From this moment onwards Sara knew that she had to share her findings with family and friends and everyone started seeing dramatic changes after using the Magnesium Chloride transdermally via skin spraying or bathing. It was from here that Magnesium Life sprouted and grew organically into something much bigger. Adapting with the fast growth of the business has been part of the journey but one thing has always remained the same, Magnesium Life’s uncompromised pure quality and concentration. Many brands are watered down and even made from dissolving flakes. Magnesium Life prides itself on been 100% concentrated and the highest sourced pure Magnesium Chloride Oil found on the planet today. Magnesium Life has now been used by over 20,000 people in New Zealand and Australia just through word of mouth, return customers and very little advertising but powered by results. We are very proud of our little business and everyone who has been able to experience this amazing oil we thank you for all your ongoing support.

Sara now has two beautiful healthy girls and is a passionate health researcher and educator, doing regular talks within her community and in New Zealand. Her vision is to empower others to make natural healthy choices for vibrant health. Teaching Ancient knowledge of Essential Oil and Transdermal Magnesium Therapies alive so future generations can continue to benefit from these amazing modalities.

The Magnesium Life difference

Something that is apparent when you pickup a bottle of Magnesium Life Oil is its weight, it is heavier than water. Our products are truly value for money; we don’t believe that anyone should have to pay for water. Magnesium Life is a premium grade Magnesium Oil which uses ancient prehistoric minerals dating back over 250 million years. A unique chemical free extraction process makes it therapeutic medicinal grade and the purest magnesium oil on the earth. Completely free of contaminants found in our oceans it has been protected deep in the interior of the earth 2000 meters below ground with no exposure during the industrial period on earth. When rubbed onto the skin it feels like an oil even though it is water soluble it is still referred to as an Oil for it thick feel. Our label indicates dosages to aid health practitioners and their patients. We recommend our customers to google the benefits of Transdermal Magnesium Chloride and seek professional advice.

When Sara researched other brands she found that they are mostly watered down with often little information about the strength or quality. Magnesium Oil from China is chemically extracted, arsenic has even been found. Above ground magnesium can contain harmful chemicals, heavy metals and contaminants also found in our oceans. Many brands sell inferior Magnesium oil made from dissolving flakes in water which from a biochemistry view is not Magnesium Chloride Oil but hexahydrate with a different chemical constitution. Some brands are very diluted up to 75% water with still the high prices and people are not getting the full benefits let alone paying for water. Purity is paramount.